Main Course

Chicken menu

Roasted Chicken in Pepper Sauce

Millionaire’s chicken- Exotic BBQ chicken grilled to perfection

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Chicken with mushroom in a white wine sauce

Fried Chicken with Onion & Sweet Pepper

Hard Chicken in Pepper sauce

Raggae Raggae Chicken

Coco’s chicken – Authentic chicken cooked in rich coconut sauce

Chicken Supreme – Creamy chicken with vegetables

Chicken Korma Curry

Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken

Fricassees Chicken

Chicken Tagine with Tomatoes

Supreme of Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Lamb menu

Lamb Chops in Red wine Sauce

Lamb Chops in Chilli Pepper Sauce

Rack of Lamb with Herbs Crust

Lamb Braised with Herbs

Lamb Braised with mint sauce

Traditional Caribbean Curry Lamb

Moroccan Spicy Lamb Tagine in Honey & Tomato Sauce

Beef menu

Fried Beef in Pepper Sauce

Beef Topside with Exotic Spice & Herbs

Cubed beef cooked with rich

Sweet pepper sauce with a hint Dill

Slowly Roasted Beef

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Roast Rib of Beef

Meat menu

Assorted Stewed Meat Caribbean Goat Curry

Assorted fried stew with saki & cow leg

Designer Stew with assorted meat

Nkwobi cow leg cooked in spicy selected African herb

Isi ewu goat head cooked in rich African herb

Grilled suya assorted meat

Fish menu

Prawn & Cashew nuts in rich tomato sauce

 Whole decorated Salmon

Steamed Fillet of wild Salmon

King Prawn in Black Beans Sauce

Salmon with cream of mushroom sauce

Hake fish with sweet pepper & onion

Fried Red Brine fish in pepper sauce

Mama’s mackerel – Whole grilled mackerel with special fried Mama’s sauce

Ackee & Salted Fish

Spicy Baked Fish (whole)

Jenifa – whole Grilled fish (Tillapia or Croaker) with delicious pepper sauce

Fresh Fish Stew

Whole Tillapia Fish in Spicy tomato sauce

Poached Fillet of Salmon Salmon in Ginger & Mango Sauce

Red Snapper in Creole Sauce

Fish King Prawn Curry

Vegetarian menu

Bajan Brown Stew Vegetable Stir fry

Caribbean Jerk Vegetable (Served with accompaniments)

Red Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Escovitch

Spinach & Potato Bake

Macaroni Cheese