360X is the best addition for any event, allowing guests to have a 360-camera swing around them. It also gives a video that guests can keep forever.

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Sparkles & Limes 360° Photo Booth

Our 360° video platform is a fantastic way of enhancing your event and adding that ‘WOW’ factor to it.

It creates a great enjoyable experience for your guests that allows them to create memorable viral videos that are edited and sent to them instantly with our unique software.

Our 360 photo booth holds up to 6 people so your guests can have unlimited fun.

We have great experience in the hospitality industry. We are proud to have been part of the UK wedding and corporate events industry for over 15years.

NEW FOR 2022!

Sparkles & Limes


Professional Camera + Ring Light
Patented Motorized System fits up to 4 people
Surround LED Lighting
High-End Computer with fast video processing for instant viewing
Instant Downloads with QR-Code
Large TV Screen with Live Slideshow
Vertical Videos that fill up your phone screen
Pricing is based on date and location and has a 3-hour minimum.
This is a premium, full-service system meant for larger events (50 guests or more). 
Please use the contact form for a quick quote as it is in very high demand!
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Exquisite Wedding Photo Booth

Capture every angle of the beauty and fun of your wedding and private events with our Sparkles & Limes unique 360 Photo Booth! Our team are ready to provide you with a rental of the rotating camera mount to allow you to capture your own videos of your guests. The Sparkles & Limes 360 Photo Booth’s sharable video-content is sure to catch your guests’ followers’ eyes on the web as well. If you are looking for a fun, exciting, engaging, and unique social media activation for your next event, look no further than the Sparkles & Limes 360 Video Booth!

Sports and Fans Experiences

Capture your fan’s swings, kicks, and moves on the 360-photo booth. Add sporting props such as rackets or balls, and custom backgrounds of stadiums or their favourite players for even more WOW factor. Create a fun, immersive and engaging experience for fans at your next sporting event with the 360-photo booth.

Brand Marketing Activations

Get consumers engaging with your brand with a fun and unique video capture at your next event with the 360-photo booth. Our 360 gives consumers an exciting video experience. Consumers can instantly share their branded videos with friends and followers on social, maximising brand reach at your activation.

Movie & TV Experiences

Sparkles & Limes 360 photo booth is the perfect addition to your movie or TV premier. Give consumers their time in the spotlight and immerse them in the scenes of your TV show or film. With the addition of a green screen to our 360 to create a more immersive experience for consumers.

Special Effects

Sparkles & Limes 360 photo booth records in a style of your choosing. With so many settings, it makes the 360 truly customisable. You can choose to have the video record in different speeds, or as a boomerang. You can even add customisable filters to suit your brand or music to content.


The platform, control station and the final video can be personalised to your brand or event by adding logos, messaging, and music, which increases brand awareness and maximises exposure.

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360 Photo booth Rig

The 360 draws attention from everywhere, particularly when it’s wrapped in a circular rig. The 360 Rig gives a bigger presence at your event, adds additional branding throughout the video, and allows the audience to view their friends.